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Tank Servicing & Repair

This is probably the single most important safety issue the propane industry battles on a daily basis. People constantly want to fix their own leaks or make changes to their gas system to save money or because the propane service technician isn’t available for several days or weeks. Modifications to any part of a propane system is not advisable and unsafe. All repairs and modifications to any part of a propane system should be handled by a propane company, such as Lindly’s Propane, or a licensed propane gas professional. In short, performing repairs and making modifications or additions to your propane system is not advisable.

Propane Tank Parts

All propane tank parts are attached to the tank at the manufacturer with threaded fittings. Every single piece and part of a propane tank serves a specific purpose designed for safety and consumer protection.

These specialized propane tank parts consist of the following replaceable fittings and connections.

Liquid Withdrawal Valve

Used to withdraw liquid propane from the tank.

Do not attempt to extract liquid from a propane tank through this valve. Contact your propane company concerning the operation of the propane tank liquid withdrawal valve.

Fixed Liquid Level Gauge

Indicates the level of propane is at or above 80% capacity. Called a “bleeder valve”, the gauge is used by delivery personnel during the tank fill process. 

Pressure Relief Valve

Safety relief mechanism designed to vent propane in an over-pressure situation. All propane tanks and cylinders are required by law to be fitted with pressure relief devices designed to relieve excess pressure.

Float Gauge

Presents a visible indication of the propane volume in the tank. This gauge indicates how many gallons of propane a tank contains, and is expressed as a percentage. 

Fill Valve

The point at which the hose from the delivery truck is attached to the tank for refueling. 

When propane is delivered to a tank, the delivery driver hooks up the hose from the truck to the propane fill valve. The hose end coupling is screwed onto the filler valve and seated firmly against a gasket to prevent gas from escaping during the delivery process.

Service Valve

The point at which propane is converted to vapor for use with various appliance(s).

The propane service valve is the controlling mechanism allowing propane gas to flow into the house or building by way of the gas piping system.

Vapor Return Valve

Connection used during propane delivery to remove excess tank pressure.

Vapor return valves are required on all ASME propane tanks and will generally be used during periods of hot weather. In the event that liquid must be evacuated from the container, the vapor return valve will be used.