A family-owned and operated propane supplier serving our Northeast Oklahoma area customers since 1960.


Budget Payment Plan

In an effort to offset the burden of coming up with the full amount of delivery all at once, we offer a “Budget Payment Plan”.  The plan proves to be very beneficial to those who choose to participate.

  • You must start with a balance of 0 or a credit balance on your account. This program is not a plan to pay off an existing balance.
  • Reminders are sent out monthly. You may send your payment any time during the month as long as the payments are consistent.
  • If for some reason your usage increases or the price of propane increases and your credit runs out, you will be responsible for paying the remaining balance in full. Our policy is that any balance owed must be paid at the time of delivery unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • These budgets are based on an ESTIMATED fuel price and your estimated fuel usage. Budgets are re-evaluated every March and we will recommend an amount specifically figured for you. You have a choice of leaving your budget amount the same or changing it to our recommendation.
  • If you move or are no longer needing our services, your credit can be refunded to you at your request. If you take advantage of “Budget Pay”, and at any point decide this is not the best option for you, you can call at any time and cancel.

Will Call

If you are a “will call” customer, you call us when your tank reaches a specific percentage, based on the size of the tank. Calling and placing your order at the recommended percentage ensures you have enough propane to last until our trucks are in your area, without the risk of running out. This also allows us to schedule your delivery into a route, which helps us to keep costs down. Payment is expected at the time of delivery unless prior arrangements have been made.

The recommended percentages to call are:

Tank SizePercentage to Order
1000 Gallon Tank20% – 60%
500 Gallon Tank20% – 40%
320 Gallon Tank20%
120-250  Gallon Tank20%

Prepay Fixed Price Contracting

You can avoid high winter prices by taking advantage of our prepaid, fixed-price, winter contract. You prepay for the gallons you think you will need for the winter months (200 gallons minimum) at a fixed price. The contract covers orders from October 1st thru March 31st. You will get your propane during these months at a price per gallon that is set in July. The price is based on the forecast for the year. Even if the price per gallon increases or decreases yours will remain fixed until your prepaid gallons are used. On March 31st any amount not used will be credited back to your account as a dollar amount, and the price per gallon will revert back to market price.

Keep Full Program

“Keep Full” means Lindly’s Propane will keep your tank full without the hassle of having to check the tank and call us. Our monitors will keep track of the level of propane in your tank and notify the company when your tank needs refilled. This allows us to keep your tank filled for you, while keeping costs low so we are not making unnecessary stops. There is a $10.00 per month fee for the use of the monitor if you choose this option.

 Keep Full customers enjoy the lowest current price, because of the ability to schedule delivery routes more efficiently, as well as being able to plan ahead for bulk deliveries to our storage tanks.

  • To take advantage of the keep full route a customer must have a large enough tank to last a fair amount of time.
  • If a customer doesn’t take gas for an extended amount of time, they will be switched to will call.
  • You will receive notice if this happens, and the monitor will be removed.
  • We require a credit/debit card to be kept on file with authorization for automatic payments.

Due to the high prices of diesel and oil, we ask all customers (excluding keep full customers) to call in when their tank is at the recommended percentage based on size. (See Table). This will give us the ability to group as many orders together as possible and create a route.

  • An additional service fee may be assessed for same-day or off-day deliveries.
  • If your tank is out, we will do a safety test for leaks, all pilots will be relit, and/or we will ensure that the electronic ignition system has reset.
  • There is a $65.00 charge for leak tests. 
  • An adult living in the residence must be home
  • Customers who have a history of allowing their tank to run out of gas may be subject to have their service terminated.
  • Off route & emergency delivery fees do not apply to “Keep Full” customers, unless services have been suspended due to non-payment.


Terms of Sale

Payment is due at the time of delivery unless prior arrangements have been made. You can choose to keep a credit/debit card on file for automatic payment. Let us know if you prefer a call before we run the card or to request receipts. We accept cash, checks, or all major credit/debit cards, except American Express. If paying by check or cash and you will not be home you can prepay in the office or leave an envelope with payment under the lid. If payment is left under the lid we suggest you use a Ziploc bag to prevent weather damage.  After you have been an established customer and kept your account current, we may give you the option of paying within 5 days. This is solely at the company’s discretion.

We understand that situations arrive that can create financial hardship. If issues arise causing you to be unable to keep your account “current” please contact our office as soon as possible, and set up a deferred payment agreement. We are willing to work with you to bring your account back to “current.”